Online image search tool and Chrome extension that claims to locate US sex offenders in it’s database with facial recognition analysis:

This Free online safety tool uses Facial Recognition to scan photos of Potential Dates, Coaches, Teachers and more… Check them all with CreepFace instantly!

Just Right Click and Select “Scan with CreepFace” to check any online photo against 475,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.

Facial Recognition powered by

The Creepface online search engine can be found here



Keep all the girls safe!
And stay safe girlies.

Reblog constantly!

again, i can see this being extremely useful for sex workers who perform irl sexual labour in a one on one setting

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Who are you: Ryan / Whats your favorite color: blueeee / Favorite ship: uh Sarah Shahi x my tv screen / Favorite ice cream flavor: hazelnut / Do you have a cat: nah / Thank: u welcome


Sarah Shahi X TV is also a really good ship. Sarah Shahi + More Awesome Roles is my OTP!

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Thanks macabrecuriousity for answering the ‘Who are you?’ meme! 

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ayrki from here

[grins] Yeah, I think that’s general jist of about all I remember. I do recall Jim came into/reawakend his Sentinel ability/role while on a mission in South America, I want to say Peru, but I could easily be wrong. That would imply it might be worth digging into the Inca or Mayan (if it was more Central America and not the Andes) mythology. The pyramids they used in the show definitely do remind me of Central and South American, however.

I know that the rogue Sentinel, Alex (thank you ariestess for reminding me of her name), underwent a process at one of these and magnified her abilities. Then, she kind of was overloaded and it did not end well. (This is the character Jeri Ryan played)

Blair (the dude with the hair) was an anthropologist and acted in the Guide capacity, namely in that he gave Jim the tools to start handling what he was dealing with. Fandom took it and ran with it beautifully, creating this massive trope/AU you see today. (Fandom can do some very nice work. :p

"you turn around and then burden me with all the feels, that’s how!"

Damn right! [grins] Hey, at least this one wasn’t Hersh themed! And by the way, that was totall your fault. Your tags made me think about it and reconsider it from an alternative angle. Heh.

Jeri Ryan was there? Huh. So she was in Sci Fi shows before joining Star Trek Voyager! 

This is what’s wonderful about Fandom, expanding on canon and creating tropes! Also, I love that we have fanlore to check on things like this! Also TV Tropes, but that’s a black hole that would be terrible to fall into! 

Oh god, you’re bringing back the Hersh themed story (EVERYBODY LIVES! AU!). It occurs to me how screwed up a protagonist’s life is, not just in Person of Interest, but I remember in the X-Files with Krycek, after (rightfully) hating Krycek for long seasons Mulder and Scully’s come to accept working with Krycek (fully prepared to be backstabbed) and the Cigarette Smoking Man too! 

And then Harold and John are working together with Root after two seasons, and if you told Harold that post-Bad Code he’s not going to believe you, John working with Hersh too will get you a side eye. 

Then if you tell Shaw she’d plant trackers on all the losers in her team, she’s gonna be horrified. 

And if Hersh lived, making nice with Root and working together would be the most hilarious thing ever!

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Because I am that much of an asshole:





Hey isagrimorie, have you seen/heard of the show Sentinel or do you know the Sentinel/Guide trope? Person of Interest !Sentinel AU?

If you don’t:

Read More

I’m not familiar with the premise of ‘Nowhere Man’ but I swear the title feels familiar, like I might have seen it on TV in passing! 80s-90s TV was really interesting time! And so over the top!

I used to watch… Knot’s Landing, I think? 

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: (    …..

I really love this manga art style for Root and Shaw, seems to fit them really perfectly. Especially how manga artists draw dead eyes, which would be *perfect* for Shaw!


: (    …..

I really love this manga art style for Root and Shaw, seems to fit them really perfectly. Especially how manga artists draw dead eyes, which would be *perfect* for Shaw!

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I really find Elizabeth and Philip’s reaction to their daughter seeking religion really interesting, their reactions are very similar to Alicia Florrick’s reactions in The Good Wife, uncomfortable but taken a step further because of their values and how they grew up in Russia.

It’s an interesting tension because Paige and Henry grew up with a lot more freedom than Elizabeth and Philip.  Even years later, Elizabeth abhors the excesses of capitalism, meanwhile Philip is more sanguine toward it, even aspiring to buy a new car because of a successful client in their cover business. 

Although, I have a feeling he’s not big into religion either.

I’m really also very curious who was behind the massacre of the other spy family and if the danger to the Jennings family are also present. 

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ayrki replied to your post “ayrki replied to your post “out of mind is a great story that i know…”

From anyone else, I’d take that in an exceptionally filthy manner. :p

ha! okay, i just realized how that could’ve been taken after you pointed it out. 

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dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me




Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat


reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM 

Send it as anon if you’d like, but I’d love to get to know you guys. :)

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well-written novel sized fanfiction


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ayrki replied to your post “out of mind is a great story that i know is going to be one of my favourites, you’re very talented”

I swear, I will reply to you about Out of Mind! Poke me if I haven’t in a few days, please!

Don’t worry, I’ll give you the ol’ jiggery pokery /nine in a few days! :D

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I love going to coffee houses when its early and there are only 5 people there and it’s not too bright, and they’re playing the right kind of music with the right kind of volume and a cup of coffee.

*happy place*

My favourite time of day when working in the cafe was either really early or into the evenings.  Things are a lot more relaxed, everyones much happier, and the ambience is just perfect.

*nods* It is! And perfect description there… I was having my car looked at and I went to a cafe early this morning, and it was just a perfect time to be in. There’s no rushing, everything’s relaxed and you can really be alone with your thoughts. I also love the smell of coffee! (Sometimes more than the taste!)

I found in our cafe we had four periods of this:

  • early morning (when everyone was so tired and not awake, it’s a special sort of quiet)
  • Mid-morning: more energy, but still quiet and keeping to themselves. There’s an undercurrent though, as people are preparing for the next stage of their day/the cafe gears up for Lunch.
  • Mid/Late Afternoon: This is sleepy, lazy, and sun filled.  It can be warm and very encouraging to curl up in the sunlight with a coffee (or tea) and a book/work.  It’s also really hard to not take a nap.  There’s some lingering energy from the work/school day, so humours can be up and you do get some happiness bubbling over.
  • Evening/late Evening: People take a lot more time and are just sort of meandering though the rest of their day.  There are few deadlines, no real rush, and people just take their time a little more.  Smiles are a bit tired from the day, but still freer than the morning: because the tension of their day is absent.

I completely understand the love of the aroma!  That had to be one of my absolute favourite perks of the job: I was surrounded by the most gorgeous smell offered in any sort of restaurant.  The scent alone was enough to wake you up or give you a light energy boost.  It’s also a sort of happy smell: it’s got a vitality to it, but still has a soothing texture.  You could sit there, fingers curled around your cup, and just breathe and be happy.  No, Content.  That’s the feeling I’m meaning.  Content.

I have a lot of fondness for cafes, and I think they’ll always be one of my favourite places.  Life shifts in perspective there, and it doesn’t necessarily seem logical, but that’s what I found.  Cafes are kind of little islands in the mad, rushing river that is life.

(Did I ever mention I become a whimsical, romantic little shit when talking about this sort of thing?)

Your cafe seems like a lovely place to visit! And please do talk more about things like this! It’s really great to know about it from your perspective! 

And, yes, more than anything, I love the aroma! It feels so home-y somehow, and cosy. Like I could curl up with a good book anytime. Or just keep writing, thinking about it now it makes me really tempted to return there tomorrow morning even if its a bit out of the way.

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