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Scott McCall had always liked Lydia Martin. Not in the same way that Stiles had, not with that kind of lovesick look in his eyes. He had admired her - even in her cruelest moments, she conveyed something which he lacked. And then there was the bite, all teeth and blood and anger and he had forgotten her; she existed only in the peripheral vision of his monsterdom. She re-appeared just as suddenly, like a wraith at his back, drifting in the early morning fog of the forest. She tread softly at his side, a quiet presence but unmistakable. Piercing. They could rule this world forever, with its darkness; its sharp teeth. A king and a queen.
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Name: Scott & Lydia - Strange Birds 
Vidder: HoneyMonsterNoNo 
Genre: gen, het
Song: Birdy - Strange Birds

Lydia and Scott shouting each other’s names in desperate voices is THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY TEENWOLF SOUL


my little cousin got bit by a house spider and she was crying so i went to get some stuff to soothe and numb it but before i could even walk out the door i heard her quietly whisper ‘i can’t handle the responsibility of being spiderman’

She Cries Your Name
Beth Orton - Trailer Park


Beth Orton

"She Cries Your Name"

Trailer Park LP



Okay but can I have a really lengthy, in-depth meta about Captain America and his USO girls?

Like how at first these girls are split down the middle on opinions of him… at the start, half are probably thinking this is just a job, just a gig, they’re lucky to find something this cushy during a damn war but god they’re going to have to put up with so much crap from this guy and he’ll probably be a cocky, high-maintenance diva at best or a sexist, womanizing diva at worst. And the other half is probably swooning and hoping they’ll get the chance to hop into bed with that gorgeous Greek god of a man. But the ones who flirt with him soon find he’s a stammering mess of ‘how do converse with dames?’ and soon after give up on trying to worm their way into his bunk because the guy is like a pillar of morality, won’t be budged, won’t compromise.

The girls take bets on whether he’s taken or gay, or both, to the point that it actually becomes a pool between these ladies and the stakes are pretty damn high. They could probably buy some nice war-bonds with that kind of money (snerk). So now some of the girls are probably a little bitter that they can’t be with Steve, but then one night after a show maybe some GI’s get too handsy, or maybe the Senator’s assistant tries to use his position to force one of the dancers into doing something they don’t want, or maybe some fellas got a little too drunk after the show and try their luck. But Steve’s there like some kind of avenging angel, tells the guys to back off, show some respect, no means no. When one sleazeball puts his hand up one of those red-and-white skirts without permission, he clocks the guy so hard he loses three teeth.

After that, the girls collectively just adore him. He’s usually pensive and keeps to himself, reading alone in his room instead of partying and picking up dames, even though they all know he could. He doesn’t drink (even before he knew the serum meant he couldn’t get drunk), but he does offer to escort the ladies back to their rooms after he sees first hand what they deal with on a daily basis. In return, when they see Steve being accosted by a particularly determined gal trying to get into his pants, and he really is just too much of a gentleman to give firm no and walk the hell away, they flutter around him all doting and smiles and accost him back to the hotel. He gives them that little sheepish grin and all his gratitude, and yeah, they have to admit they were completely wrong about him.

Steve Rogers in the modern day being completely supportive of all performers, being a very vocal feminist, and maybe even taking a shine to Stark’s Ironettes. Just not quite in the way Tony does (and maybe he tells Tony to be a little more respectful of his dancers… after all, they’re just trying to make a living).

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Elsa no

The crossover no one anticipated

When her kiss transforms the Beast, she is furious.

"You should have warned me! Here I was smitten by an exceptional being, and all of a sudden, my fiance becomes an ordinary distinguished young man!"
the 1909 play Beauty and the Beast:  Fantasy in Two Acts by Fernand Noziere, the very first published version of the story where the Beauty is disappointed when the Beast transforms into a human at the end.


that post with the photoset from love and monsters with the comment: #remember when bad DW episodes were still kind of endearing rather than just exasperating?

can we not


any legitimate critique of the moffat era will never ever successfully one up moffat or anything he’s done by using love and monsters, it just makes you look like a hypocrite. Need I point out that episode ended with a woman as a slab reserved to a life of blowing a dude off??? You’re ruining and trivializing what it means to actually make decent critique i s2g



It’s all a matter of perspective

I love this



It’s all a matter of perspective

I love this


佐藤健 x 神木隆之介 practicing for RuroKen (Sato Takeru, Kamiki Ryunosuke)

Some Choice Quotes


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Your Attendings all say the same thing about you: technically brilliant, remarkably calm.  You have a brilliant mind, Sameen.  And you’re very gifted.

I don’t know why but I love this description of Shaw before she became the Shaw we know today. Doctor Sameen Shaw, technically brilliant with a brilliant mind, and a very gifted doctor.