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Get Ready For The Golden Globes! [ x ]

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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Welcome To Night Vale Trailer (by tlabresh)

THIS.  160% THIS


Reblog if you like Jane Foster.





And please feel free to add any reasons why you like her.

I love Jane because she’s impetuous and impulsive, forever willing to dive into anything if her curiosity has been aroused. Also she’s socially awkward and hilariously honest. She’s brilliant and her willingness to follow that brilliance wherever it takes her makes her an outsider; she feels that keenly, but she doesn’t let it get in her way.

Also, her questionable fashion decisions are kind of adorable.

I love Jane because she is a scientist and a scholar but not academical, she is daring but nor fearless, she is passionate but thoughtful. She has experience, but she is full of hope and curiosity - she is youthful, if an old soul. She is so fundamentally different from what even strong women are like in movies. She is an extraordinary woman, but I have met extraordinary women like her, and I think some others can be made.

I don’t think the t-shirts are something to emulate, though.

I love Jane because for the first time in a long time, I saw a character on screen who made me say “That could easily be me”.  Now, I don’t mean with the astrophysics or finding a cute otherworldly man in the desert.  But it’s because she’s smart, a little quirky, and so passionate about what she does, in a new way we haven’t seen too often in MCU and beyond.  And people still underestimate her, which is what draws me even closer to her character.

I love Jane because they chose to make her an amazing scientist who is so devoted to her work.  She seeks answers in the thunderstorms and in the sands and everywhere because she’s so curious and thirsty for knowledge, and she’ll laugh in the face of certain danger if it means she might be on the verge of a breakthrough.  She is not afraid to use others to achieve her scientific ends, and she fights for what she loves.  Jane literally used Thor to advance her research!!!  How often does that happen?

She isn’t punished in the films for being an ambitious scientist.  She’s a mortal among a pantheon of gods, and her first reaction isn’t fear, but, “What can I learn from this?  How will this knowledge benefit me and therefore others?”  They made her an incredible woman in a field not so usually filled with women, and where her peers may think her research is silly and where she has to prove her might with data and hard facts and evidence.  They think her head and her heart are up in the clouds, but she is with the whole universe- on the ground looking up and in the heavens reaching down, trying to connect the worlds of science and magic into something tangible.

I love her because of her somewhat questionable taste in fashion.  I love her because she puts the cereal bowl in the pantry on accident.  Because her only option for an intern was a taser-wielding Poli-Sci major who she doesn’t quite know what to do with all the time.  I love her because she spends her time running around the shifting sands looking for answers to the universe! She is a wealth of knowledge.  She is a woman who loves learning.  Jane isn’t perfect, doesn’t always know what to say, isn’t always composed, and hey that’s not a bad thing.  She’s human.

She taught a god humility through her desire to learn, not her desire to get him into bed next to her.  Jane was doing her work and focusing on her advancements, and she left Thor to ride the current or get smashed by the waves.  It was never, “Let me hold your hand and walk to through your character development.”  It was, “I’ve got science to do, so if you can keep up, awesome.  Otherwise, back outta the way of my truck.”

She gets to see other worlds! She gets to punch an asshole in the face for threatening her realm, her domain, her friends.  Jane, in the next film, is going to see some sort of reality to her theory as she travels the realms.  Do you know how cool that is???  I really hope we see more of her cleverness and scientific knowledge in play, especially in a realm of magic beings.

I love Jane because people besides her peers don’t always understand what she’s talking about when she excitedly explains her theories and the promises of reaching out to other worlds, brushing the tips of the universe with her own two hands.  She sees the possibilities in everything and wants to take that knowledge into her own hands, pick it apart, learn what there is to be learned, and share that with others.

Jane is clever, Jane is smart, Jane is geeky, Jane is any woman who has to prove herself to her peers simply because she’s a woman in the field, Jane is everyone who loves to learn for the sake of learning, Jane is an incredible character and I don’t understand why more people can’t see past “She kissed Thor, oh, she must just be there for his Asgardian angst.”  It kills me when people dismiss everything she does scientifically just because there is also a man in the equation, though he isn’t the primary directive.  Because that’s what people do to women like this, marginalizing their achievements.

She means so much to me, and I might go so far as to say she’s the most influential character I have experienced in cinema in my teenage/actually paying attention years.  

And I’m not saying you have to love Jane Foster too, but please, if you only hate her because she gets in the way of a ship, or you don’t think she deserves to be with Thor, or you don’t even give her a chance, then you’re missing out on a lot.  Even if you don’t care for her actress, don’t let that affect your feelings towards the character, or you’ll be missing out on a lot too.  Take a step back, and think of the idea of Jane Foster.  She’s pretty great.

Jane’s got science to do and worlds to see, so you’re either along for the ride or getting run over by her van.

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Reese: I want you to give me your knife.
Crews: My knife, why?
Reese: Because I want to swear a blood oath with you and I need something to cut my pinkie. Give me your knife or I’ll burn you with IAD for not using your service weapon when you should have. I need to know my partner is a cop and not a con. [Crews hands her the knife] Anything else you carrying from the old days? Sharpened toothbrush, lightbulb full of bleach? 

DANI AND CHARLIE AND UUUUUUUUUUUUGH, this scene!  Oh, these two assholes are forever going to be my favorite.  And the way this scene is played!  I’ve said, repeatedly, that Dani is the type of person who flat out gives you 80% of her loyalty and makes you work for that last 20%.  This is part of that.  Her asking him to give up his knife; asking him to be vulnerable in a very specific and definitive way.  This scene is about her demanding power, and him giving it up.

And later?  When she gives the knife back?  It’s her proving that she KNOWS what it means.  She’s giving him back a thing that makes him powerful after proving to him that he didn’t need it anymore.  Seriously, the power dynamics between these two are ridiculous and every time I see screen shots from an episode (or rewatch the episodes!), I find new evidence of their shifting power dynamics and the beautiful, organic way in which their relationship developed.

UGH, THIS SHOW.  Everything in it pays off in some way!  The knife pays off.  Hell, the question asked in the first TWO MINUTES of the pilot is answered in the last two minutes of the series finale.  *flails stupidly*





Life || Series Premiere | Series Finale

“We even have a word for when you plus another equals one. That word is love.”

I’m pretty sure that everyone here knows my abject adoration for this series and both of these two’s stupid faces.  And I could probably write at least a 3,000 word essay on some obscure bit of realization re: the text, but I think Imma let that one go tonight.  Just everyone stare at their stupid faces and know that Shahi and Lewis hit it out of the park (on the whole) with this series, and I will love Dani and Charlie until the end of time.


*FYI: I still don’t know how this show managed to get made.  I listened to the commentaries and basically sat there going “…a higher power intervened SOMEWHERE, because there is no fucking way this show got made by those producers/writers.”